Prague Truck Photo Canvas Wrap

Prague Truck Photo Canvas Wrap

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This image, taken by the shop owner, was an antique delivery truck in Prague, CZ. For canvas prints our standard is mirror edge, please let us know if you desire your choice of solid color border or image wrap. For float frames, our standard is 1.5", 1.25" and .75" are available. Printed in USA, stretchers and frames by SalemFine.

Enterprise Canvas Wraps!

Bright, vivid, amazing colors will resist fading for over 100 years and help your photos into canvas prints last for generations!

Printed on a thick archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas to provide greater durability.

The canvas is pH neutral and acid free and will not yellow over time.

The bright white canvas will support dazzling colors that are consistent and accurate across a wide gamut.

Border Options

Image Wrap

This is the classical canvas effect where the main image continues over the sides of the canvas. This effect is more pronounced for the gallery wrap stretching option (1.5" thick).

Mirror Wrap

The edges of the image gets reflected or ‘mirrored’ over the sides of the canvas. This effect is recommended if there are details in the image near the edges and you don’t want them stretched over the sides of the canvas.

Solid-Border Wrap

The edges of the canvas are a solid color. Black and white are the most common colors, but you can also choose any color of your liking. This effect is also good for images with details near the edges.